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Sichaun Tobest Bio-tech Co., Ltd (hereinafter Tobest) is an integrated supplier serving the planting process in modern agriculture with the main business scope in TCM nano-nutrients/solution, modern precision agricultural equipment, soil improvement & remediation, urban agriculture consulting, customized profit system solution and so on.
 In Tobest, the problems of crop health-keeping, e.g. disease and insect pest control, can be solved  by thetraditional Chinese medicine compounded with natural rare medicinal herbs according to syndrome differentiation treatment, while the nutrition troubles can be overcome by drawing on the anatomical experience in modern Western medicine and making good use of modern nanobiology, nutriology, microbiology, IOT technology together with the successful experience in balanced fertilization based on soil testing formula. Succeeding in integrating Chinese and Western techniques, the optimal environment can be created to fully stimulate the plants’ potential of  growing and self – repairing, which can lead to increased crop production as well as its improved quality.

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Tobest Biolology has her three subsidiaries, Sichuan Tobest Bio-tech and Chengdu Tobest Agriculture. Here, Soil Fertilizer Institute, Plant Nutrition Institute and Agriculture Equipment Institute have been established to cooperate in scientific research and agriculture modernization with famous academes home and abroad, e.g. the wide relationship and substantial cooperation in kiwi fruit industry with USA, Italy, New Zealand, Chile, Japan. Combined with the existing fact of agriculture development in China, as a pioneer and advocate of Chinese modern ecoagriculture innovation, Tobest welcome your visit.

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